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My Vertical Color Picker

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What is it?
'My Vertical Color Picker' is a color picker which allows a variety of operations like selecting colors, dragging color chips around, adding text to each color chip, creating snapshots for the current palette selecting colors from your screen and many many more. There is no limit to the number of color chips you can use for a palette.

What can it do?
grab any color from your screen

use the built-in Hue color picker and RGB color picker to easily select colors

edit the color information for a selected color chip using the R,G,B text boxes found in the application

access color chip color information at a click of a button

export palette color information and color chip color information to R,G,B, WebSafe, R,G,B-Hex, WebSafe-Hex.

build color palettes with unlimited color chips which can store color, a key and a description which you can use when searching for palettes inside the application

resize and move the color chips freely inside the application's color chip panel

create snapshots based on the current color chip position

easily add new color chips by selecting the exact region inside the color panel

search inside color palettes by palette name, color count, palette file name, color chip key and color chip description

go to Tray functionality

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Download My Vertical Color Picker
Click here to download!

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A few examples
See below a few snapshots created with the application based on existing color palettes.