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My Vertical Color Picker

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'My Vertical Color Picker' is a color picker which allows a variety of operations like grabbing colors from your screen, selecting colors using the built-in color pickers (RGB and Hue), dragging color chips around, adding text to each color chip, creating snapshots for the current palette, searching for created palettes and many more. There is no limit to the number of color chips you can use for a palette.

Here is the main application window along with the built-in color pickers (to the right).

What can it do?
top menu buttons

- maximizes the application window
- brings application window to normal size

- saves the current color chips as a palette. If no palette name is selected yet you will be asked for a name
- saves the current color chips as a palette for which you need to provide a name

- aranges all color chips in the initial (default) position
- show the magnifier window which allows you to grab colors
- creates an image for the current palette. You can save the image on your hard drive as JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP. Simply specify the extension as JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP and the file will be saved under the associated format
- shows a grid inside the color chips area
- click this button and then draw a rectangle inside the color chips area to add a new color chip
- click this button and then draw a rectangle (select a region) inside the color chips area to remove all color chips inside that area
- click this button and then draw a rectangle (select a region) inside the color chips area. Then a pop-up will appear allowing you to export, edit, move or delete all color chips inside this area

- removes all color chips currently present inside the color chip panel

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grab any color from your screen

To grab the colors you need to select a color chip first and then start the magnifier window by pressing the button. The magnifier window which shows up is:
Here you can choose a magnification factor (the magnification factor in the magnifier window above is 3) and then before you start gathering colors you need to click once anywhere inside the magnifier window to make sure that it is activated. Then you can move the mouse cursor anywhere on your screen and you will see the color under the mouse cursor inside the magnifier window (there is a rectangle showing this color). In order to grab the color you need to press the CTRL key. This will store the color under the mouse cursor in the selected color chip.

use the built-in Hue color picker and RGB color picker to easily select colors

Here are the Hue and RGB built-in color pickers. Modifying the RGB picker color will modify the color in the Hue picker and modifying the color value in the Hue picker will modify the color in the RGB picker.
Both pickers will be shown on the right side of the screen so that they do not overlap.

The colors inside the pickers can be easily modified by draging the sliders up or down. When the colors in the pickers is modified that color is shown in the main application window in the corresponding text boxes:

edit the color information for a selected color chip using the R,G,B text boxes found in the application

You can change the values inside the text boxes which will also change the color in the selected color chip and in the associated color picker.
The selected color chip has all sides colored in black.

access color chip color information at a click of a button

When you click a color chip, that color chip will become the selected color chip. Also, if the color chip properties window is visible then it it will be updated with the color information from that color chip.

export palette color information and color chip color information to R,G,B, WebSafe, R,G,B-Hex, WebSafe-Hex.

Palette Export - right click inside the color chips panel to show the context menu associated with the palette. Then select the 'Export Options' menu option.

Color Chip Export - right click inside a color chip to show the context menu associated with that color chip. Then select the 'Export Options' menu option.

build color palettes with unlimited color chips which can store color, a key and a description which you can use when searching for palettes inside the application

You can double click any color chip to show a pop-up window which allows adding a key (as text) and a description to the color chip. Then when you search for color palettes the search also take splace by the key and the description of every color chip contained in that palette.

resize and move the color chips freely inside the application's color chip panel

To move a color chip simply drag it inside the color chip area. To resize a color chip click on the bottom left corner and then drag your mouse around until you obtain the size you desire.
- to -

create snapshots based on the current color chip position

Please see the examples section below showing a few snapshots created within the application based on color palettes.

easily add new color chips by selecting the exact region inside the color panel

After you click the button a red message will appear (please see below) which says "Click and drag the mouse to select a rectangular region where a new color chip will be added!". At this moment you need to click and draw a rectangle where the new color chip will be added.

search inside color palettes by palette name, color count, palette file name, color chip key and color chip description

To start the search enter something in the search text box (it's actually a combo box) and then click the button

Under the search text box there are next , previous , first and last buttons which can be used to go back and forth through the search results of color palettes. The button clears all the search marks from the last search.

go to Tray functionality

Download My Vertical Color Picker
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A few examples
See below a few snapshots created with with the application based on existing color palettes.